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Becoming a Peaceful Parent Interview with Kelli Belt

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Meet Kelli Belt: Kelli Belt is an adoptive mom turned adoptive mom empowerment coach after she saw first hand how the struggles with connection between the mom and child had as much to do with how the mom manages her own stress and adjustment,  as it does the child.  

She knows how much moms desire to provide all the best resources for healing for their children but has discovered one of the biggest healing components to be within the child/mom relationship.  

Kelli is passionate about helping adoptive moms develop their own confidence.

Kelli seeks to support adoptive moms by providing community with other adoptive moms and resources and tools specific to the adoption journey.  She does this through her podcast, Beauty is Rising, online workshops, and her adoptive mom membership.  You can connect with Kelli through her website, www.kellibelt.com and on social media @beautyisrising.

Kelli resides in Oklahoma with her husband of 22 years and her 3 children.

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