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DAY 1 - MONDAY 1/27/20 -- Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Laura Markham

DAY 2 - TUESDAY 1/28/20  -- Dr. Sukhi Miller and Dr. Nicole Libin 

DAY 3 - WEDNESDAY 1/29/20 -- Genevieve Simperingham and Dr. Paul Jenkins

DAY 4 - THURSDAY 1/30/20 -- Leslie Potter and Dr. Nicole Beurkens

 DAY - 5 FRIDAY 1/31/20 -- Dr. Susan Pollak and Bryan Post

DAY 6 - SATURDAY 2/1/20 -- Erin Royer Asrilant and Linda & Ty Hatfield

DAY 7 - SUNDAY 2/2/20 -- Christy Whitman and Julie Burton

 DAY 8 - MONDAY 2/3/20 -- Megan Morris and Rhea Lalla

 DAY 9 - TUESDAY 2/4/20 -- Dr. Sheryl Ziegler and Helene Timpone

 DAY 10 - WEDNESDAY 2/5/20 -- don Miguel Ruiz Jr and Sarah Rosensweet

 DAY 11 - THURSDAY 2/6/20 -- Casey O'Roarty and Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

 DAY 12 - FRIDAY 2/7/20 -- Maggie Dent and Samantha Moe

 DAY 13 - SATURDAY 2/8/20 -- Dr. Daniel Ellenberg and Kiva Schuler

 DAY 14 - SUNDAY 2/9/20 -- Debbie Reber and Dr. Rick Hanson

 DAY 15 - MONDAY 2/10/20 -- Kelli Belt, Kim Lange and Sarah Scott-Dooling

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