Discover Transformational Parenting

Become an Empowered Parent Who is Free to Love

This 6-month in-depth Transformational Parenting Program is all about finding joy in being parent! It is designed to empower you to create a deep emotional bond with your child, and helps you stop the power struggles, yelling and nagging once and for all so you can be free to love your child!

Here are the benefits:

Helps you create a vision for yourself as a parent AND supports you in getting there by discovering insights where you have been limiting your own parenting potential
Offers one-on-one individualized support AND a community which will help you stay committed to your vision and transform it to reality
Offers you cutting edge information about child development AND practical parenting strategies that will help you create an authentic and connected relationship with your child so they listen
Transforms you into a conscious, confident and empowered parent who inherently knows how to handle any challenging parenting situation

Here is what you will get:

Individual Orientation Call
Two 45-minute individual calls per month
• Receive individualized support
Once a week "Vision in Action" group call
• Learn the principles of transformational parenting, receive ongoing support, ask questions
Exclusive FB Group
• Access to wealth of information, resources and pop-up lives.  Weekly yoga classes, mindfulness meditation and self-compassion sessions 

Plus, when you sign-up NOW, you will receive
these exclusive BONUSES!

BONUS #1:  "Pocket Parenting" - Ongoing LIVE Support
You will literally have me in your back-pocket ready to solve your parenting debacles
Just leave me a recording of what you need support with, and I as well as other parents in the group will offer you guidance and support
BONUS #2: Manage Your Mind - Manage Your Child Virtual Retreat
FREE ticket to  my virtual event to learn mind hacks, and tools to calm your mind so you can be patient, present and loving with your child 

Transformational Parenting Program

Individual Phone Calls

Two 45 min. Individual coaching calls per month

Vision In Action Call

Weekly Group Call 

Exclusive Facebook Group

FB Lives, information, resources, Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Pocket Parenting

LIVE Coaching support

Manage Your Mind- Manage Your Child
Virtual retreat to calm the mind

Total Value... $5,000


Pay In Full - $3800

Best Value

Payment Plan - $790/mo

Pay As You Go

Money Back Guarantee

It is impossible for you to lose any money by signing up! If after 2 weeks of the program, you feel like you are not getting what you signed up for, you have the option to set up a call with me so I can support you better, and if after that you still feel that the program is not serving you, I will give you a FULL REFUND.  

NOW is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take advantage of this opportunity to transform your parenting once and  for all.  

I am on a mission to help you get unstuck from the cycle of anger, frustration, and power struggles with your child which is why I am giving you this unique 6-month transformational parenting program for only $3,800 or  $790 a month