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Discover Transformational Parenting:

Become an Empowered Parent Who Is Free to Love

Date:  Friday, May 29, 2020 at 10:00am PDT

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Every parent starts the journey of parenting with a beautiful vision for themselves and their child. It is the very core of why they became a parent to begin with. 

Then life happens, and somewhere between sleep deprivation, diaper changes, temper tantrums and definitely by teenage defiance, this original vision fades into a misty dream of an amazing life that could have been “only if my child would listen...do what I ask...not argue…etc...etc..”

Instead of an unimaginable life, many parents end up living a mediocre life as a frustrated parent who yells, gets angry (then feels guilty), nags, and feels powerless in causing a change to happen despite having TRIED EVERYTHING, and having READ EVERY FREAKING PARENTING BOOK out there (and most likely having taken the kid to therapy too)!

Have Hope! I have something completely different and uniquely new that will change this dire situation once and for all! 

I have developed a framework of parenting that is based on the principles of transformational leadership which will empower you to become the source of change for yourself and for your child. 

You don’t have to wait around for your child to change, or your partner to be more supportive as you learn the powerful transformational leadership principles which will help YOU become the influential parent-leader that you have always wanted to be. 

It is never too late to make your vision become a reality! You can begin that journey RIGHT NOW by attending this webinar in which you will discover:

5 Pillars of Transformational Parenting:


How to create a powerful vision and live your vision like your life depends on it 


How to move from shame, blame, guilt, anger frustration and insecurity into empowerment 

Committed Action

Learn how to operate like a pro so you can show up for your vision, your child, yourself and your life 100% as your radiant, authentic and free self 


Learn how your past history and limiting beliefs holds you back inside a prison of fear, worry and self-doubt instead living a rich life full of potential


Learn to let go of the need to be right, and give yourself, and your love generously to your child without needing anything in return 

If you are ready to transform, and rekindle your vision as a parent, JOIN ME on this incredible life changing webinar by registering below: 

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